The SISQ Review

The SISQ Review, a research for education newsletter, aims to help educators keep up to speed with the research that is most likely to impact teaching and learning. The SISQ Review team reads scientific abstracts on a daily basis and selects research that is particularly relevant to education. Such studies can easily be missed, partly because teachers are incredibly busy people, but also because those studies are not always classified as educational research, and therefore not always relayed by publications targeting teachers. We have therefore made it our mission to keep an eye on the dozens of studies that are published every week in order to help teachers and educators perfect their practice. In order to receive The SISQ Review on a monthly basis, please SUBSCRIBE and you will be included in our mailing list. For enquiries: [email protected] .


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First Edition – January 2020

Second Edition – February 2020

Third Edition – March 2020

Fourth Edition - May 2020

Fifth Edition - November 2020

Sixth Edition - January 2021

Seventh Edition - June 2021

Eighth Edition - December 2021

Ninth Edition - June 2021

Tenth Edition - November 2022

Eleventh Edition - November 2023