Home Learning

At SISQ we recognize that students differ in their readiness and developmental level and that all students do not learn in the same way. We know that students also differ in their “working speed” and that some take longer than others to learn a concept or complete a task that other students finish more quickly. We also recognize that students have responsibilities, families and extra-curricular activities after school, which contribute positively to their lives.

With these three main ideas in mind (developmental progress, working speed and lives outside school) we have created a home learning plan with the goal that students and families foster a love for learning at school and beyond.

  • Home learning typically supports learning in four ways:
  • pre-learning
  • checking for understanding
  • practice
  • Processing

We pride ourselves on the fact that teachers are available daily to help students with their work. Throughout their time in secondary school students are encouraged to become independent and seek support when necessary, thus taking responsibility for their own learning and progress. The volume of home learning increases as students progress through the secondary school; during this time students are taught how to manage their time, meet deadlines and prioritise work that needs to be done.

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