Administrative Team

The launch of the school in 2017 would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial SISQ team. They are the people behind the successful founding of the Swiss International School in Qatar. 

Please view more information about our administrative team below.


Stéphanie Lapaille - School Life and Office Manager

Stéphanie is involved in the administrative team of SISQ as School Life and Office Manager. She holds a Master’s in bio-engineering from The UCL in Belgium.

Before joining SISQ, Stéphanie worked for six years as a production manager for a famous pharmaceutical company where she was in charge of vaccines production. Before relocating to Qatar, she got to experience a family expatriation in Nigeria as a young mum for two years. French is her mother tongue but she also speaks English, Spanish and some Dutch. 

For Stéphanie, Education is about learning how to learn and change. 



Adela Metaxa - Head of Finance and Operations

Adela has eight years' experience in the Banking industry in France and Romania.

She has been an expat in Qatar since 2014, where she has worked as a business development consultant. She comes from Romania and has two children. She speaks English, French, Romanian, and is working hard to improve her conversational skills in Arabic. 






Munim Amer - Business and Operations Manager

Munim looks after Business Operations at SISQ, ensuring the smooth running of the school.

He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelors of Science in Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration. While at Qatar Foundation Munim worked as a Student Center Building Manager.

He is a citizen of the world, originally from Syria, but with an American passport and having lived in Qatar for most of his life. Munim thoroughly enjoys travelling, and speaks both Arabic and English. 




Elmira Tursunkhanova - Human Resources Manager

Before joining SISQ Elmira has been involved in education management for about 10 years. She has experience working in all aspects of HR, recruitment, staff training and professional development. In her previous roles Elmira was involved in managing Cambridge/IELTS exams and international language center where she provided financial and strategic planning as well as operations management.

Elmira has a degree in teaching two languages (English and Turkish) and is currently working towards obtaining a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Management with University College London. She has worked in the UK organising educational activities, travelled extensively, and is now enjoying Qatar’s unique nature and culture.

Elmira speaks English, Russian, Kazakh, Turkish and is learning Spanish. 

Justine Artifice - HR Assistant

Justine is working in the Human Resources team at SISQ. She is a young enthusiastic girl who is able to adapt in different fields of industry through her flexibiliTy to learn. She is originally from Philippines and graduated from University of St. Lasalle with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. Before joining SISQ, Justine was working as an Administrative Assistant in coordination with HR, Finance and Project Management with several companies, both in Philippines and Qatar, that are involved in various areas such as Medical, Construction and Interior Design. She enjoys reading, music, dancing and starting a hobby in street photography. She speaks Filipino and English. While working is always a challenge, Justine believes that one should never stop learning, and working in an academic environment is one of the best places to gain new skills, friends and experiences.









Samar Puech - Admissions Manager

Geneva, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Toulouse, Brussels and now Doha, Samar is what we call a global citizen.

After completing her Master’s Degree in Marketing and Public Relations at Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium, she moved to Doha and started working at the Swiss Embassy. Two years later, she decided to pursue her career in international education. As a Swiss citizen, raised in different cities, Samar knows how important it is to have an international education, to be multilingual, and to be surrounded by people from different nationalities and cultures. Combined with an excellent education, these qualities will benefit the children in both their social and professional life which will enable them to adapt to almost every life-situation.

Samar speaks fluently French, English and is currently improving her Arabic and Spanish.

Camille Némery - Marketing Manager

Camille holds a Master Degree in Communication and has been in Qatar since 2012. Before joining SISQ as Marketing Manager, she worked in different fields such as a construction company, an advertising agency and a graphic design studio, which enabled her to be polyvalent. She loves traveling and meeting new people, and discovering new things and cultures. Camille is passionate about arts and especially the illustrations for children. She speaks English and French.







Arlene Carag - Admissions Assistant

Arlene finished AB Mass Communication and completed academic requirements for the degree Master of Arts in Education major in English. Out of her 13-year work experience, years in the academe are the ones she has enjoyed the most. As the Director for Promotions and Publications in a leading university in the Philippines where she worked for 8 years, she was the youngest appointed member of the Management Committee at the age of 26. That was when and where her leadership skills were harnessed and developed. In 2014, she moved to Qatar for “home is where my husband is” as she puts it. In Doha, she worked for a British school from 2016 to 2017. Arlene is a people person who enjoys interacting with others. When it comes to work, she has always believed that while skill is something, will is everything. The will to learn continuously and the will to make things happen.





Cyrine Jaziri - Administrative Assistant

Cyrine is able to tailor her skills anytime to meet the needs of various parents, teachers, students and coworkers.  Originally from Tunisia with one year and a half of expat experience in the UAE before relocating to Doha, she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and minor in Marketing from Tunis Business School and was an active member in the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences the world's largest non-profit youth-run organization AIESEC.

Cyrine is very talented, multitask and held some positions that range from PR and Sales to Accounting. Cyrine is keen on travelling and languages; she speaks English, French, Arabic, some Italian and is trying to improve her Spanish.

She believes that International Education is invaluable and in the importance of learning languages, for her “To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world”.


Angela Vincent - Finance Officer

Angela Vincent is from India, currently residing in this serene land for 14 years brings across 6 years of vast work experience in finance management and administration specially working for educational institutions. She also has worked as an invigilator for language and learning examination conducted by the British Council, Qatar.

Angela upholds the moral principle of adept, adapt and adopt in her career and is highly motivated, enthusiastic and enjoy interacting with people from various walks of life. She holds a University bachelor's Degree in commerce and looks forward in pursuing her career pathway in working with SISQ, which provide quality and excellent education to the younger generation in Qatar.




Abdullah Malik - IT Officer

Abdullah Malik. Born and raised in Qatar, holds a BSc in Computer Science. A technology guru with work experience in education and other sectors such as hospitality and healthcare. Abdullah is passionate professional motor bike rider known as “Adix Malik” in bikers’ community and has won many National-level drag racing competitions under the umbrella of Qatar Racing Club (QRC). His favorite MotoGP rider is Valentino Rossi. Abdullah can speak Urdu, and English quite fluently and understands some Arabic
















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