Welcome from Head of School

Welcome to the Swiss International School!

With great pleasure and pride, I warmly welcome you on behalf of the entire SISQ community. As the Head of School, it is an honour to introduce you to a place where our vision and mission come to life, where every student is nurtured to be fulfilled, inspired, and prepared for a future full of endless possibilities.

At SISQ, our vision is to provide the highest quality learning opportunities to the children of Qatar. Our mission goes beyond academic excellence – we are dedicated to cultivating global citizens who embrace diversity, respect cultural differences, and contribute meaningfully to a more interconnected world.

Our school is a vibrant tapestry of over 60 nationalities, a true reflection of our commitment to celebrating diversity. In this richly diverse environment, students learn not only from textbooks but from each other, gaining a deeper understanding of the world around them and forming lifelong friendships that transcend borders.

As an IB World School, we proudly adopt the International Baccalaureate's philosophy and pedagogy. This framework guides us in developing inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young individuals who are equipped to navigate the complexities of our global society. We empower our students to become true global citizens by fostering intercultural understanding and respect.

Language is a powerful tool that bridges cultures and facilitates understanding. Our language of instruction is English, providing students with a foundation for academic success and effective communication. Additionally, we offer French, Arabic, and German as second and third languages, promoting linguistic proficiency and cultural appreciation.

Our commitment to holistic education and a culture of care ensures that each student's well-being and growth are at the forefront of our educational approach. Beyond academics, we focus on character development, empathy, and preparing students to make positive contributions to their communities and the wider world.

We invite you to explore our website and uncover the exceptional opportunities that await you at the Swiss International School. Join us on a journey of academic excellence, holistic development, and the cultivation of global citizens who cherish diversity and flourish in an interconnected global landscape.

Welcome to SISQ, where excellence knows no boundaries.

Warm regards,

Vlatka Kalecak
Head of School 

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