School Uniform

At SISQ, we believe that a school uniform projects an atmosphere of pride, loyalty and equality among the student population. It presents an image of professionalism, encourages self-discipline and helps students feel a part of “the team” at school.

The school recommends that uniforms are purchased to Zaks Trading. However, if Parents prefer to produce their own the school will provide the design in order to facilitate the process. Parents must assure the quality and design are consistent with school requirements. If quality and design do not match the requirements, school may request Parents to correct the situation.

PK to Grade 10

There are three uniform purchase options:

Option 1 - Pop-up shop on the school premises in the beginning of the academic year

Option 2 - Online, directly from the supplier; here's the flyer

Option 3 - Local store in Al Rayyan Area

We would like to point out that the school is not involved in the transactions between the parents and Zaks in any way. SISQ does not cover any costs related to ordering, paying or shipping to the parents’ chosen destination. 

Parents might choose to make the uniform with other suppliers. In this case all SISQ guidelines must be complied with (that includes but is not limited to fabrics, colours, designs, quality, brand guidelines, etc)

Grades 11 and 12

Please note that the Diploma Programme (Grades 11 and 12) uniform is different from the rest of the school. You may access the guidelines in the Uniform Policy.

Uniform Policy

Please review the UNIFORM POLICY for updates and complete guidelines.