School Meals

At the Swiss International School students can purchase meals at our school canteen. Please see specific information relating to this below. School provider is Grand Central Bakery & Kitchen (GCBK).

What are the 3 options available for lunch and snack for my child?

  • Lunchbox from home (please use a cool box if needed)
  • Daily Cold meal pack from the Canteen (snack and lunch approx 15 QAR)
  • Daily hot meal pack from the Canteen (a small portion - 10 QAR,  a large portion - 17 QAR, Special of the day - 20QAR)

Who/How can sign up for school meals?

  • PYP parents sign up for school meals with Canteen staff daily or weekly, and Canteen staff keep their cards.
  • MYP/DP students do not sign up for school meals as they can choose freely at the counter

How do I top up the Canteen Card?


Students between PK1 and Grade 5 are not allowed to carry their canteen card or buy food items directly from the counter. Their card is kept behind the counter and used by the canteen staff daily to pay for their lunch if applicable. Therefore, parents need to make sure that their child’s card is always topped up with money. This can be done at the canteen counter and online.


Students carry their cards with them and are free to buy whatever they want in the canteen. 

Torba Coffee Shop

Additionally, there's a coffee shop available in the west building, overseen by Torba

What about the water?

We do not sell water bottles. All students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottle (labelled with the child’s name) and use the water dispensers around school.

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