SISQ aims to develop learners who are fulfilled, inspired and prepared.



Through learning that is fun, engaging, holistic, collaborative and caring, SISQ develops students who are:

  • Intellectually fulfilled: they find joy in their own learning and the learning of others; they are curious, engaged and passionate about learning.
  • Emotionally fulfilled: they are happy with themselves, healthy, balanced and confident.
  • Socially fulfilled: they develop meaningful relationships; they are connected to others, the world around them and the environment.


Through learning that is inquiry-based, meaningful, challenging, authentic and innovative, SISQ develops students who are:

  • Inspired to keep learning: they are inquisitive, questioning and willing to try new things; they take ownership of their learning and are self-motivated.
  • Inspired to share and apply their learning: they can use their learning to improve their lives and the lives of others; they communicate their learning to inspire others.


Through learning that is focused on transferable skills, character, attitudes and dispositions, SISQ develops students who are:

  • Prepared for the future: they embrace change and challenge; they adapt to new situations and think creatively to solve complex problems.
  • Prepared to lead lives of integrity: they are principled and strong; they have a set of values that guide them when they make decisions.
  • Prepared to be good global citizens: they are multilingual, open-minded and multicultural in their outlook; they are courageous, caring and prepared to take action to make their community and the world a better place.