University Counselling

University Counselling Philosophy

The SISQ counselling philosophy is to help students find the right university “fit.” This means promoting universities where students can thrive, both socially and academically, and will have the best career outcome. When advising students, the University Counselling Office considers their academic performance and preparation, course and career choices, and which country they intend to settle subsequent to graduation. With these factors in mind, we can make sure that the student is not only applying to universities that are the best academic and social fit, but also to universities that will offer the best outcome with “best” being defined by students and their career and academic objectives. Our goal is to provide students and parents with the information and support they need for a seamless and successful university process.

The University Counselling Office will work one-on-one with the student and parents to build and refine the college list and to review university admissions, standardized testing, and financial aid requirements. Other support includes providing advice about the essay, resume, summer programs, interviews, and application. Also, SISQ University Counselling will organize and promote events that prepare students and parents for the university application process and beyond, which include workshops, presentations by university representatives, and university fairs.