Assessments and Examination

SISQ recognises that students can only make progress and improve if they are given regular, consistent and specific feedback by their teachers. This not only reaffirms what they know, but also gives students opportunities to improve and develop their understanding further. All teachers at SISQ work on the belief that feedback must be timely, individualised and specific, thus allowing each student to make maximum progress. Feedback at SISQ takes many forms and can be verbal during a class or more formal through the marking of first drafts or home learning assignments.

Assessment of student work also takes many forms at SISQ. Teachers create authentic assessment tasks that place students’ learning within a real world context and allows them to demonstrate what they can do in a variety of ways. Through this, students can make relevant links between their learning and the world in which they live, as well as discovering what methods of assessment work best for them.

Parents are kept informed about their child’s progress regularly. There are two mid-term and three end of term reports published each year, which indicate how well a student is doing both academically and in their attitude towards learning. Similarly, students have the opportunity to meet with teachers at two Parent Teacher Conferences and students are given the opportunity to present their work to parents through Student Led conferences that take place at the end of the academic year. More informal feedback is provided by teachers throughout the year and parents are able to meet with teachers as the need arises.

The school ensures that students are well prepared for external examinations as well as study at higher education institutions through mock examinations and internal assessments.

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