Welcome from the Primary School Principal

Why would parents entrust us with their most precious possession: their children? This question encapsulates the profound responsibility and privilege that we, as educators and caregivers, hold within the walls of Swiss International School.

In a world that is constantly evolving, parents seek more than just an institution for their children's education. They seek a sanctuary, a place where their little ones can not only thrive academically but also flourish as individuals. At Swiss International School, we recognise and honour this trust that parents place in us, and we pledge to nurture every child with the utmost care and dedication.

Our commitment extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. We believe in shaping Global Citizens - young minds equipped not only with knowledge, but also with empathy, cultural awareness, and a deep appreciation for diversity.

Within our vibrant and inclusive environment, lifelong friendships take root. The connections forged here go beyond the boundaries of age, background, and culture. Our students learn the value of collaboration, respect, and compassion, forming bonds that will support them throughout their lives.

Swiss International School is not merely a place of learning; we celebrate each child's uniqueness and provide opportunities for them to explore their passions, whether in academics, arts, sports, or beyond. Through this exploration, we empower our students to believe in themselves and unlock their full potential.

So, whether you are a new parent entrusting us with your child for the first time, or a returning parent continuing this incredible journey, rest assured that Swiss International School is a place where we take your trust seriously. We are committed to nurturing, guiding, and educating the young minds under our care. Together, we shape not just academic success, but also confident, compassionate, and capable individuals who are ready to make a positive impact on the world.

Welcome to Swiss International School, where the seeds of knowledge, friendship, talent, and dreams are sown, cultivated, and brought to fruition.


Yolandé Stander
Primary School Principal