Early Years

We follow the IB Primary Years curriculum for our Early Years Programme (PK1 and PK2). We aim to provide the children on our Early Years Programme with the educational experiences that develop a positive approach to learning. Our Early Years students have their own separate block in our main school building, where we provide a learning environment where students feel at home and are able to explore new concepts and ideas – both in English and in French.

The Early Years Programme acknowledges the uniqueness of each child. We see each child as intelligent, resourceful and creative individuals who grow, develop and learn at different rates. At SISQ, our early learners explore their environment and learn through play with their classmates and teachers. They are natural inquirers and love to explore and ask questions. The Early Years Programme builds on this natural curiosity. SISQ’s dedicated and experienced teachers ask questions and set up play scenarios and activities that challenge our students in their thinking and decision making.  

Academic and social learning are integrated, helping our early learners to achieve independence, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. With a small teacher to student ratio, children receive plenty of individual care and attention. This programme develops a strong foundation for children as they continue on to the Primary Years curriculum in Kindergarten to Grade 5. 

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