Our Vision

The Swiss International School in Qatar (SISQ) aims to be a leading worldwide international school, where students are grounded in the very best education to enable them to become successful and develop into global citizens.

SISQ is an inclusive school and we welcome families of all nationalities into our learning community. As a Swiss school our values are anchored in the international values of Switzerland; we promote multilingualism, cultural awareness and aim to prepare our students for an increasingly globalised world. Our main language of instruction is English, but the French language is an integral element of the overall curriculum and the children’s mother tongue will also be fully supported. At SISQ, we celebrate and value both the Swiss and Qatari history and culture within our school community. Highly dedicated and experienced SISQ teachers deliver the International Baccalaureate curriculum, a curriculum that originates from Switzerland, ensuring a truly international education of the highest quality. Upon completion of the IB programme students gain access to top universities around the world. 

At SISQ, we are committed to providing an outstanding international education set in an environment that excites, inspires and challenges every student to excel academically and socially. 

Core Values  

Our vision is expressed through core values that are integrated into every academic and extra-curricular activity within the school community and form the guiding principles of the school. At SISQ we aim to:

  • Celebrate cultural diversity
  • Challenge and inspire
  • Shape tomorrow’s leaders
  • Encourage global citizenship 

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