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Our dedicated and passionate team of educators and administrative staff have been recruited from around the world and come from places such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, USA, France, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Canada, New Zealand and Lebanon. They reflect the international learning environment of which we provide for our students, anchored in the international values of Switzerland. Families who join the Swiss International School in Qatar join a truly multicultural school community, where multilingualism and cultural awareness is celebrated and valued. 

We have an excellent team of highly qualified teachers and teaching assistants in place who support our learners throughout the curriculum and help them develop their French and English language skills. We also have a full time qualified nurse who provides both medical and pastoral care for all the children.  

The school has been under the leadership of our Head of School, Philip Bradley, since August 2017. He has strong support from his senior leadership team and the administrative staff. 

The launch of the school in 2017 would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial SISQ team. They are the people behind the successful founding of the Swiss International School in Qatar. 

Visit our Senior Leadership, Administrative and Teaching Staff sections to learn more about our highly qualified team. 


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