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1st June 2017    Special Events


The Swiss International School is collaborating with Maktaba to collect books for Education For All.  This is a project that promotes education and reading amongst underpriviliged children in Qatar. 

By donating your books, you will be helping us reach out to underprivileged children in our community, share endless stories and plant many smiles.  

For more information on how you can donate, please click here

Introducing our Head of Arabic Studies: Gaber Hamed

19th July 2017

At SISQ, we promote multilingualism, cultural awareness and aim to prepare our students for an...

Our "Kidz" go to Kidzmondo for the Day

5th July 2017

The Dolphin class, the Oryx class and the Falcon class all enjoyed an educational visit...

An Educational Visit to Maktaba Library

5th July 2017

The children in PreKG, KG1 and KG2 were super excited to visit Maktaba on 11th...

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