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6th April 2017    No category

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The children in KG1 Oryx class are always full of questions and so motivated to learn!

As one means of stimulating their inquiry still further, there is nothing better than practical hands on science activities.

During the science focus in this week Oryx class had great fun carrying out experiments linked to their recent focus upon ‘Our World in Outer Space.’

They thoroughly enjoyed wearing white scientific lab coats to transform liquids into solids and vice versa. One example was the creation rock hard space asteroids and meteorites which were made from.

The children magically turned water into a solid mass and bravely poured it onto their heads to test out their investigation. Luckily they were pretty successful with this experiment and no one got too wet!

Oryx even managed to create an electrical charge using the amazing Van de Graaff generator and again, I was so impressed by their (hair raising bravery) and enthusiasm in trying out the machine.

Keep up the good learning Oryx!

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