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7th December 2017    No category

The MYP students are working hard to prepare for the Qatar National Celebrations. Working very closely with both the Music and Arabic departments combining the best aspects of collaboration and tradition. All of the classes have been learning the Qatar National Antham and helping to decorate the school with art work, posters and flags. The boys, with Mr. Gaber's guidance, have been rehearsing the traditional sword dance with many using ones that have been in their family’s possession for many years. The pride and enthusiasm that the boys have shown will be a great thing to see when they perform at the end of term and school National Day, assemblies.

A complete range of end of term assessments have been taking place in many subjects this week. In Science, wind turbines have been the focus of study while in Individuals and Societies presentations were made on eco system’s and food chains in different parts of the world. The assessments will be one part of their reports, which all grades are eagerly awaiting to receive at the end of next week.

Mr. John Godbold (Head of Secondary School - Boys)

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